Sunday, August 26, 2012

History of a tough motherfucker

(Please excuse the language in the title of this here post. It's not me, it's Charles Bukowski!)

A year ago today I thought I would be in a very different place, but what my adult life has taught me so far is that things rarely if ever go as planned. On the bright side sometimes it is okay if things don't go as planned because something unplanned and BETTER comes along. Currently the unplanned thing that happened was that I resigned from my research assistant position at an Ivy League school. A position in which I received no support, mentorship, direction, or recognition for the inordinate amount of work I was doing and the inordinate amount of effort and time I was putting into that work. While the unplanned thing has happened I am still waiting (not passively, mind you) for the something better, and I feel that it is just around the corner.

I am taking this time off to undergo some much needed detoxification, and I am also trying to focus on the positive. Although my job was generally ridiculously unpleasant I do think it was the right job for me to take at the time and Boston was the right place for me to be at the time (even if sometimes I did feel miserable and lonely there). Alright, now for a list!

1. I learned what I do and don't want/need in a job.
2. I learned to have faith in myself.
3. I learned how to stick up for myself in a professional manner.
4. I met some wonderful people.
5. I learned many useful research techniques.
6. I was able to collaborate with a group of scientists at the Broad Institute (think swanky club/admirals lounge but with more science and less dancing/alcohol. Seriously, this place is amazing).
7. I can say that I worked at an Ivy League institution for a year, and this fact alone proves that I AM good at what I do and I CAN do anything.

Seven things on the positive list. Not too shabby.

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