Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Churchill on Church St. and Market in San Francisco
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Last night I sort of fell in love with this place; the dark, dive bar ambience, the great background music playing at a reasonable volume, the couches, the ropes draped across the ceiling. I am a passionate beer drinker (i.e. a snob), and, despite the small draft list, I liked the selection Churchill had to offer. M. and I split a large bottle of Alesmith's Speedway Stout (an Imperial Stout). I adore the strength of Imperial Stouts, and while this one was a little more bitter and less smooth than other Imperials I've had, it was just what I wanted that evening. What was better than the beer, however, was the company. M. and I (after a homemade dinner of hearty lentil and chard soup and crunchy-crusty sourdough bread) met up with our college friend K. She has such great energy and is a lot of fun to hang out with. Filled with people-love and beer-love I headed home on BART feeling hopeful and happy.

Moving to California was the right decision.

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