Sunday, February 3, 2013

grass and flowers and paths

photo (23)

photo (18)

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photo (21)

Do you see the Stegasaurus?

On Saturday my brother and I wanted to do something outdoors so we decided to visit the San Francisco Botanical Garden near Golden Gate Park with some of his friends. We wandered around the grounds for two hours marveling at nature's designs, and, in the case of plants that weren't at their peak, guessing which plants would be the most beautiful when in bloom. After our walk we went to Arizmendi Bakery for a snack. Arizmendi is owned by the same people who offer the most delicious slice in Berkeley, Cheeseboard. Arizmendi's pizza is equally tasty, but what's even better is their focaccia bread with olive tapenade. Such a savory and filling snack. Wow, I have such a serious craving now that I almost feel like traveling the hour and fifteen minutes across the bay just to satiate this hunger.

I love the Inner Sunset.

Shhh, I back-dated this post.


  1. I love succulents and those ones are so expansive they are amazing!

    your newest follower,

    1. There was a whole section of the Botanical Garden dedicated to succulents big and small, smooth and pointy, and it was beautiful. Succulents are just so gosh darn appealing! Mother Nature is the best designer.

      Thanks for following!