Friday, October 26, 2012


Dear City of Boston,

I think I have had a missed connection with you. I have been working and (sort of) living within your city limits for a little over a year now, but I have never felt a true sense of belonging.

When I ride the T I watch the interactions that occur between people and often what I observe makes my heart sink; impatience, people obstinately refusing to be courteous to others, rude obliviousness, and uncalled for aggression.

I was in San Francisco recently and during rush hour on the subway someone had the decency to ask if I had enough space and offered, without my prompting, to put their bag on the floor if it would be more comfortable for me.

According to a poll of public transportation riders Bostonians are happiest when they experience less hassles in their day. On the other hand, San Franciscans are happiest when they have more uplifting experiences in their day. I am definitely happier when I have more uplifting experiences, but Boston is changing me into a person who is more concerned with hassles.

I am seriously considering getting out of here and moving to San Francisco.

Boston, what do you hold for me?


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