Wednesday, November 7, 2012

this city is a poem

Last trip to Western Mass.

E. took me to one of the places she works. It is in this old woman's house. E's job is to sift through old books all day. The woman has all sorts of marvelous ephemera in her huge, old library.

Old Man 11.03.12

We also had a spooky movie night. We watched Suspiria by Dario Argento for the umpteenth time. No matter how many times I view this movie it never loses its chilling ambiance.

We also made a spooky drink to go with our spooky movie.

Shrunken Heads 11.03.12

We cut apples in half and carved faces into the round side. We then put the apples in a pot of apple cider and they looked like shrunken heads. After the cider had been thoroughly warmed we mixed it with rum. Perfect for a cold and spooky evening!

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