Wednesday, November 14, 2012

the end of a short affair

Red Line 11.14.12

Last week in Boston. Last few days, really, as I am leaving on Saturday. Saying goodbye to people and places: making pasta from scratch with E.G. and R.R.; going to see M.D.'s play; shabu and frozen yogurt with H.; lunch at Dave's Fresh Pasta with M.D.; drinks on Friday with E.G. and R.R.

Today I got a soy mocha at Cafe Vanille and then wandered around Beacon Hill. What a beautiful neighborhood. Neither pictures nor words do this area justice. I am completely transported when I walk around this historic place with its cobblestone streets and rich red-brick rowhouses. It is especially beautiful in the Fall when the houses are complemented by a chill in the air and trees that appear to be on fire due to the bold colors of their leaves. So New England. Such a perfect Autumn day.

It was hard, but I finally broke myself away from Beacon Hill to visit the Charles River. I sat in a wooden deck chair and watched the Red Line shuttle back and forth between Kendall/MIT and Charles/MGH. I remembered the first time I walked by the Charles with L...

I continued to walk along the river bank. I rode the flying fox (mini zip line) beside the playground. I crossed over the Charles River to Cambridge and walked down Massachusetts Ave to Kendall Sq. Then Central Sq. Then I meandered until it was time to meet C.L.J. at Baraka Cafe. Rose lemonade is amazing.

After dinner we had Toscanini's, of course. We talked for so long, and then she rode off on her bike towards Kendall and I hopped on the T back to Somerville.

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