Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Me & Sherlock.

Happy New Year! Keeping in the tradition of last year, P. and I went to breakfast at Quack's. Again over lattes, we talked about the past year and the new year. We also made resolution lists.

New Year's Resolutions 2013
1.  Go for a run four or five days a week.
2.  Find a job that doesn't make me miserable.
3.  Apply to graduate school in the Fall.
4.  Find happiness even in places I don't think it exists.
5.  Do things that scare me. Take more risks!
6.  Cook more and cook more healthy foods.
7.  Write more letters and read more books.

Also note, the handsome dog in the photo is named Sherlock. He enjoys me reading Sherlock Holmes stories to him and solving mysteries. Like last night when he was involved in a mystery at the Deadmoor estate! C., E., and I threw a murder-mystery themed New Year's Eve Party. New Year's Eve 1937, the Master and Lady Deadmoor's eldest daughter's fiance Everett Roth had been murdered, but the party continues because we are British and we must carry on. In addition to the Deadmoor family there is also the Cumberbatch family and the Wilde family (Americans!) vying for a chance to be the next heirs to the Deadmoor Estate (the Deadmoors only have daughters). And don't forget the servants who hear everything and know more than you think. Can you tell we are Downton Abbey fans?

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