Sunday, December 30, 2012

Scene(s) from 2012

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January 1st 2012, P. and I wake up very early in L.B’s bed. We sneak out of the sleeping household and are surprisingly awake for going to sleep at 4 o’clock in the morning. We drive to Hyde Park to have breakfast at Quack’s. We wear our clothes from the night before. My sweater is especially sparkly in the sunlight. We drink lattes and talk about our hopes for 2012. It’s going to be the best year ever.

Back to Boston. Back to the frigid cold. Back to the tough and thankless job. But, one day, while trapped downstairs in the animal facility I get to know N.M.

E.G. and I go to the Pompeii exhibit at the Museum of Science. Eerie.

In February, I feel good about life in Boston. I brew beer with M.S. I have a surreal three day weekend with L. Indian food and beer. Tea and toast. Farmer’s market and cupcakes. I also have a February 29th celebration (it only happens once every 4 years, after all!) with A.W. and M.S. complete with fondue, a late night walk downtown, and drinks at the top of the Prudential building.

I venture to Western Mass for a S.A.’s wedding. The weather is beautiful (an oddity in March!). Now she’s S.L-M.

E.G. and I walk around beautiful Beacon Hill and have the chance to attend an open house at one of the historic red brick rowhouses. It is five stories tall with a cozy apartment on the top floor. It is also, at least, 1 million dollars. One of the bathrooms has promenading bears on the wall.

April is the curellest month… I feel less optimistic about life in Boston. I start to really consider quitting my job. I apply to jobs at UC Berkeley on my bus ride to Western Mass for Easter Keg Hunt. My alma mater really knows how to celebrate Easter.


The weather finally starts to get nice, and I have visitors a-plenty: L.M., my brother, my parents. My parents leave Boston sooner then expected though because I’m expected to be spending all my time in the lab.

I am brave and ask a boy out on a date. The date was lovely: drinks, a movie, hand-holding, a sneaky kiss on the cheek. Unfortunately, things don't work out.

Cirque de Solei with I.Y.

I go to the Adirondacks with M.S., T. and J. We take early morning swims. Watch a thunderstorm roll in. Make huge feasts with fresh vegetables from T’s farm. Play games. Eat soft serve. Make s’mores late at night. Have breakfast at the General Store. I feel refreshed and revitalized for the coming work week.

Adirondacks 6.24.12

H. moves to Boston. Best decision of her life.

Quitting my job becomes necessary. I put in a weeks notice. I have a final meeting with the head of the lab and am hyper aware of the bitter taste in my mouth. I act diplomatic and leave feeling empowered and happier then I had in months.

I turn 24.

I experience my first earthquake... in the Northeast.

I go to a pig roast at T's farm. I decide to forgo my vegetarianism for one night and try some of the pig, but I don't think I will be forgoing vegetarianism again any time soon. There was a beer truck with beer made with local ingredients (including barely from T's farm), T's homemade ginger beer made with ginger from the farm, 200 cupcakes, so many pot luck goodies, two campfires, a stone oven for pizza cooking, drunken hay rides, music, a brilliant night sky, and I saw a shooting star. I camped out on the farm, snuggled in a tent with J. and M.C.

Some exciting job prospects arise, but I decide to move to California.

I say goodbye to Western Mass, to the valley that has always been full of love and support. To my alma mater, to my friends, to the place I really grew and flourished.

Hampshire 10.01.12 2

Then I saw goodbye to Boston, to the special places I loved and which offered me comfort during hard times (3 Little Figs, Five Horses Tavern), and to some wonderful people I was lucky to meet.


And so I end the year at home with my family.


Oh, also, I make a lot of homemade pasta.

Pasta making panzer

Photo Credits: 1.Spy Girl; 2.William Starling; 3. My Brother; 4. ARP; 5. ARP; 6. Boston Univeristy; 7. ARP; 8. R.R.


  1. Sprawl II is one of my favorite songs on Suburbs! Excellent choice. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! And I hope the Bay Area treats you kindly. :) - Molly

    1. I love to listen to Sprawl II while walking around in a city. It feels like the perfect soundtrack song for that. So far the Bay Area has been great, and I have no doubt it will continue to be great :)

      So glad you stopped by my blog!