Saturday, February 9, 2013

Liebster Award

So I came home from a play last night, casually checked my email, and saw that Amy from Life is a Trip Worth Taking had nominated me for a Liebster Award--an award given to up-and-coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Thank you so much, Amy! It's so nice to be recognized!

Liebster Rules
So the Liebster Award runs on a rule of 11's.
First I tell you 11 random facts about myself.
Then I answer 11 questions that Amy has posed.
Finally, I nominate 11 other up-and-coming bloggers, and ask them 11 of my own questions.

So, here we go!

11 Random facts
1. I have been to nine countries: Israel, Mexico, China, Scotland, England, Belgium, Norway, Germany, and France. I went to China and Scotland for study abroad programs.

2. I am in love with Charles Bukowski. I discovered him in high school thanks to my senior year English teacher. I own many of his books. First year of college I 'dressed up' (it was more of a conceptual costume...) as the book "To Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit" for Halloween. The title of this blog was inspired by his book "Septuagenarian Stew" and all of the post titles (except this one) come from poems of his.

3. I really like to smell used books. They always smell so delicious and rich with the places they have been.

4. My fourth year of college I took a class called Zymurgy where I learned about the science of fermentation and got to brew beer. Last year I also brewed a Brown Ale with my friend M.S. In short, I like beer. I like drinking it, talking about it, brewing it, etc.

5. I really want a tattoo, but I am so indecisive I don't know what to get.

7. I am a strong woman with strong opinions. I am a feminist, I am liberal, I am pro-choice, I am pro gay marriage.

8. In 6th grade I was so obsessed with The Beatles I refused to listen to any other band.

6. I freaking LOVE Kale. I eat it almost every day.

9. I have a nerdy side that loves anime, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Masterpiece Theater.

10. Serial killers fascinate me. In my spare time I like to read Crime Library's Serial Killer section. First year of college I read the Gainesville Ripper's autobiography, fourth year my ex-boyfriend gave me a book about Gilles de Rais for my birthday (he also gave me a bar of chocolate, it really was the perfect gift), and currently I am going through the list of female serial killers on Wikipedia.

11. On this creepy note, I also like ghosts, graveyards, and the paranormal and thus love suspenseful shows like Twin Peaks and old horror movies including anything with Vincent Price, anything by Hitchcock, and the movie Suspiria.

And now I have officially scared away everyone from my blog.

Amy's 11 Questions
1. What was your favorite fairytale as a child? Beauty and the Beast. I collected different picture book versions of this story when I was little and I absolutely loved the Disney adaptation because 1) Belle had brown hair like me and 2) Belle liked to read like me. You guys, BELLE IS ME.

2. What do you enjoy doing on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Rainy Sunday afternoons for me will likely involve tea and a book and then later some Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Also, all of these things will happen under my duvet.

3. How many different towns have you lived in and which one was your favorite? I have lived in Austin, Amherst, Northampton, Hefei (China), Edinburgh (Scotland), Boston, and Berkeley. It is difficult to pick a favorite because all of them have been amazing for different reasons and each one really helped mold me into the person I am. If I have to choose I would say either Austin or Amherst because these are both places that I think are underrated by others and they are both places I still feel the most connected to.

4. Short hair or long hair? Long hair, just because my hair is long. I wish, wish, wish I could pull off short hair though.

5. Are you a morning person? I can be… or maybe I just pretend I am… I really love when I am able to wake up super early, like 7:00 in the morning, because I feel like I get more out of my day, but usually I sleep until 9:00 or 10:00. I guess I am a late morning person?

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Oh, so many places. Iceland, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Egypt. Or I would go back to Belgium because I am seriously in love with that country (the Dutch side most of all).

7. Dog or cat? DOGS. From the moment I was born there have always been dogs in my life, and now I am obsessed. Also, I have dog ADD. I could be walking down the street having a serious conversation with someone, but the moment I see a dog I completely lose focus and the words "AWW LOOK AT DA PUPPY!" will escape my lips.

8. What was your first job? My first job was working at the transcript office at my college. I worked with a bunch of middle aged women who talked a lot about what they ate for dinner the night before and liked to take chocolate breaks. They were lovely.

9. What is your favorite recipe? Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. An Ari specialty since 2009.

10. Winter or summer? Winter because I love sweaters, hot drinks, holiday cheer, and winter vegetables.

11. When did you begin blogging and why? I began this blog in August because I had just quit my first big girl job and wanted a place where I could write about my life in an attempt to try to figure things out and put things in perspective. I also wanted a space that would help me keenly remember moments in my life, where my experiences and emotions would remain fresh.

I also totally had a Livejournal in middle school and high school, but let’s not go there.

11 Nominees
Molly at Molly Swoons ; Julia at Canines and Couture ; Stephanie at Bassability ; Deena From Portland to L.A. ; Bee at Sea Creatures ; Gillian at Glad Blog ; Erin at Plutonia ; Becky at United States of Becky ; Bec at Paper Trailing ; Kayla at Kaylanaut

11 Questions
1. What is one of your favorite quotes? ; 2. What was the best meal you have ever eaten? ; 3. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why? ; 4. What do you do for a living, and what would you like to be doing to make a living? ; 5. What do you miss most about your childhood? ; 6. What are five adjectives you would use to describe yourself? ; 7. What is the number 1 song played on your iPod? ; 8. If you could be any fictional character, who would you be? ; 9. What is your favorite joke? ; 10. What accomplishment are you most proud of? ; 11. What is your biggest pet peeve?


  1. Thank you so much! i just saw your comment, and its so sweet of you to nominate me! i loved reading your facts and questions. i'm also really fascinated by serial killers, as is my mom. we read crime books and stuff about it! haha. its so eery and unsettling but also so intriguing why people choose to act in such horrific ways. have you ever seen american horror story? if you love creepy, you should check it out. its one of my new favorite shows, even if its not really all that scary :)

    1. Your welcome! I have found few blogs like yours--so honest, genuine, and well written. Your blog is truly special and you deserve to be recognized for it!

      I have always felt a little insecure about my fascination with serial killers, so it's so nice to find another person who shares this interest!

      I agree with you, I think it is the psychology behind serial killers that draws me to reading about them. I could never kill another human being, so I am extremely curious as to what causes people to do these horrible things. Also, it is really interesting to think about serial killers in the context of human nature. Have serial killers unlocked something that lays dormant in all of us?

      I haven't seen American Horror Story, but it has popped up on my Netflix a couple of times. I will definitely check it out. And in exchange for your suggestion I will suggest the show Twin Peaks I mentioned in this post. Really eerie, a bit quirky, and super suspenseful :)

  2. Hi Ari! Thank you SO much for nominating me, it completely made my day (weekend, even!). I love following your blog too, and I appreciate you feeling the same way about mine! Can't wait to start working on the questions :)
    P.S Omg I LOVE smelling old books too!!!! Are we weird? haha!

    1. Yay, I am glad I could make your day :) I am super excited to read your Liebster post, and am looking forward to getting to know you better.

      Also, we might indeed be a little weird for smelling old books, but if it is weird I don't care!

      Keep up the awesome blogging!

  3. You and I have a lot in common!

    1. Hey Zoe! I checked out your blog and am now following you. Looking forward to reading your posts!

  4. Thank you for nominating me! It was lovely reading a bit about you. Those questions look tricky, but I'll give them a go. :) I love Bukowski as well! I've read Post Office, Factotum, and Women, but I really want to get my hands on some of his poetry. I love how beautifully depressing his writing is. I really love books that make me feel completely different whilst I'm reading them. Have you read any Haruki Murakami? Reading is another thing that I need to get back into. When things start going wrong in life, it seems that I immediately stop doing the things that I enjoy. Which is exactly the opposite of what I should do!
    I'm glad that you liked my post about my plans to think more positively. I'm new to blogging, and writing about my feelings in such a public space is something very foreign to me. So I was really happy to read your comment. Thanks again. :) Keep an eye out for my Liebster answers! xo

    1. Mostly I've read Bukowski's poetry, but I've also read Ham on Rye, Post Office, and I think I read Factotum as well. My favorite thing about his writing is that it is so simple but so descriptive. In his poetry, he always has these lines that are so perfectly crafted and yet so effortless. I always have to have a pencil handy whenever I read anything of his so I can underline things.

      I have not read any Haruki Murakami, but I've been meaning to. I often find myself getting so caught up in classic novels that I forget about modern literature.

      Hah, I feel silly because I just commented with a similar sentiment on your post "The Happy Makers" about not continuing to do the things you enjoy when life gets difficult. Anyway, it is hard to write about your feelings in a public place, but so far I think you are doing a great job. I think it is important for blogs to include feelings and emotions because it makes them more personal and genuine.

      Looking forward to your Liebster post!

  5. Hey, thanks for the nom. Also: totally not scared off - nice to learn more about you. :) On my blog you said you follow me via GFC as I do you - it's weird that I don't show up in your feed...but I notice you're on bloglovin', and I'm there as well, so we can connect there, which might be easier? Anyway, I have the bloglovin' icon on the right side of my page, if that would work better. :)

    1. Your welcome! I love how sincere and out-spoken you are on your blog and wanted to recognize you for that.

      Thanks for the tip! I will connect with you on Bloglovin'!

  6. Thanks for the nomination! And also thanks for all the interesting facts - beer brewing is ace, for sure.

    I already did the Liebster, HOWEVER, I think it's such a charming thing and a great way to find new blogs that I will be sure to answer the questions you posed, very soon.

    1. Your welcome! You are a great writer and your blog is so interesting so I felt you deserved a nomination. I should have known you had been nominated for the Liebster before though :) Like I said, your blog is really great! Looking forward to reading your answers to the questions I posed!