Thursday, March 14, 2013

in the center of the action


{Happy Pi Day! Apple pie made by yours truly... in October 2012}

This week has not been at all what I expected.

That important email apparently won't be coming until early next week. Luckily, I have been keeping extremely busy, and haven't had the time to hyperventilate over this quite yet.

1. The tech start-up I am working at part time launched their website and product pre-order on Tuesday!
2. On Wednesday I woke up at six in the morning to go to the office in San Francisco. I left my brother's apartment before the sun rose. I graciously treated myself to a soy mocha.
3. Today at the office we got Ike's for lunch!
4. While sending out emails, J. and I talked about music for, like, forever. He was really good at guessing bands that I like.
5. I worked a 13 hour day today!
6. I ended this 13 hour day singing Weezer B sides with J.
7. I have sent at least 400 emails this week (and counting)! Woo customer support!
8. I accidentally almost signed one of those emails, "Love, Ari."
9. L. from work gave me recognition for my hard work and drive. He also told me I impressed J.
10. Gimme sparkling water! Fizzy, fizzy! I drink it all!

So, I am a bit crazed, can you tell? Working in the office this week feels similar to the way I felt working on the school newspaper near deadline Senior year of high school when I was an editor. Everyone is working so hard and everyone is so exhausted, but there is also this exciting buzz in the air. I am feasting on this buzz, and I love it.

Sleep shortage! Seven hours to recharge! But I feel so awake!

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